The total ride only takes about 90 minutes

wall mounting spotlights Havelock is the uncrowned paradise of the eastern hemisphere – a tropical gem that houses the most beautiful natural wonders that you can ever lay your eyes upon. A pristine sandy beach, waters as clear as the sky above your head, a dense forest cover that protects this beach from prying eyes just like a pearl is protected by a seashell, a quaint little dock and colourful coral reefs that will fill you with a sense of peace and wonder that only Ringo Starr’s song ‘Octopus Garden’ can manage. But before you start daydreaming about your days in Havelock, sit down for a minute and plan your trip. How exactly do you plan to reach Havelock Island?

Don’t worry – this traveller’s guide has been put together to answer THAT exact question.REACHING HAVELOCKGetting to Havelock, the crown jewel of the Andaman and Nicobar group of islands is largely a two-stage process. First, you must reach Port Blair from mainland India, which is the most prominent and best-connected destinations in the region. The Port Blair airport is well equipped with decent facilities to make your travel process easy and comfortable. From here, you need to start making your way to the elusive Havelock Island.

Getting to Port Blair from mainland India: Andaman and Nicobar are a group of islands so, naturally, expecting any kind of land travel to these locations is basically impossible. A traveller basically has two choices to make this journey – air or water based transportation:By Air, you can reach Port Blair by booking any of the regular flights that ply between this airport and Chennai or Kolkata. NRIs and foreign travellers need to get a Protected Area Permit or PAP on arrival at the Port Blair airport. This permit is valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

By Sea, you can reach Port Blair from three different ports in mainland India including Chennai (Travel Time: 60 hours), Kolkata (Travel Time: 66 hours), and Visakhapatnam (Travel Time: 56 hours). Tickets for your travel can be generally booked # at the office of the Shipping Corporation of India.# Getting to Havelock Island from Port Blair: This is a relatively short duration travel, whether you travel to the destination by air or by sea.

The waterways in the region are quite active and ferries leave as per a fixed schedule, making the commute quite easy to manage for travellers visiting the place for the first time.By Air, you can reach Havelock in about 20 minutes from Port Blair. Pawan Hans Helicopters Limited operates seaplanes on the route and their services are generally available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.By Sea, you can reach Havelock on an air conditioned catamaran ferry.

led spot lights The total ride only takes about 90 minutes to reach the destination from Port Blair. The government operated ferries are also available but they may take a bit longer to reach.If you are planning your travels to Havelock Island, make sure you book your ferry and flight tickets well in advance, especially during the peak season. Hope this article will help you in managing your trip arrangements. Have fun!Andaman Excursion is a Tour operator based at Andaman & Nicobar Islands offering tour packages exclusively to Andaman Islands. We are specialised in handling Honeymoon packages for Andaman Islands. We believe in providing quality service to our clients.

Geneva airport can be stressful with kids

spot light fixture I am a strong believer that ski holidays are about more than just tearing up the slopes. These vacations take you to some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring places in the entire world, so I think that they are perfect for parents who want to show their kids the world whilst also having plenty of fun along the way.Flaine is a brilliant place to do this as it is a very family-friendly and snow-sure resort. It has a lot of fun-filled activities beyond the ski slopes that will help to make this an unfor-gettable trip for all! It is also easy to get to when you book one of our ski transfers; Ge-neva airport is the closest and just an hour away by road.Here are a few of my favourite family-friendly activities to try at the resort.

On SnowIce Driving Circuit – This thrilling activity will put your driving skills to the test as you na-vigate a 1500-metre ice driving circuit (the longest in France!). This is sure to be a barrel of laughs as a family whilst also providing plenty of adrenaline.Snowmobiling – There is something quite magical about riding around on a snowmobile under the stars at night once the lifts have stopped and the slopes are empty – there is a sense of calm that you certainly do not get during the day! You have to be 18 or older to drive, but the kids can jump on the back and enjoy the ride.Ice Quad Bikes – Yes, this is as fun as it sounds!

Flaine has its very own ice quad bike circuit which is open all day and floodlit at night. There are bikes suitable for both kids and adults, so this is a brilliant activity for the whole family. There is also a hut in the centre where you can grab a bite to eat after all the excitement.Off SnowIndoor Climbing Wall – You won’t want to spend every waking minute out in the cold, so I recommend attempting to conquer the indoor climbing wall in the auditorium (where there are a range of facilities).

This can be good fun for the whole family, as well as immensely rewarding. There are qualified instructors on hand to supervise, so even if it is your first time you will soon be scaling the walls with confidence.Swimming – Swimming whilst surrounded by snow and epic views is an incredible expe-rience that everyone can enjoy. Flaine has an aquatic centre with a pool, separate splash pool for kids, hot tub and steam room – perfect for relaxing after a long day on the slopes.

Bowling – This is a classic family activity and one which is always brilliant fun. Flaine has a bowling alley in the auditorium which stays open once the lifts have stopped for the day. In addition to bowling, you and the kids can enjoy playing pool and various other games here. There is also a bar where you can catch live sport and have a drink while the kids bowl till their heart’s content.How to Get ThereFortunately Flaine is really easy to reach, as you simply fly into Geneva airport from London.

This takes around 90 minutes and there are over 250 flights made each week. You do not want the stress of attempting to use public transportation or queue for cabs, which is why I suggest that you book one of our ski transfers. Geneva airport is then about an hour away from Flaine, so sit back and enjoy the ride. When you book with us, you can be sure that you are getting reliable, affordable and comfortable ski transfers.

home decorate spot lights Geneva airport can be stressful with kids, but one of our local drivers will be there to pick you up and get your holiday off to a great start.Author PlateLukas Johannes is a driver for Shuttle Direct, the number one provider of shared and private airport transfers all over Europe and northern Africa. If you’re looking for afford-able ski transfers, Geneva Airport serves as a hub for the French and Swiss Alps. Lukas and his col-leagues can make sure that you and your luggage get to and from your chosen resort and the airport swiftly and safely.

Norman Dulwich is a Correspondent for Haulage

smd led lights A campaign by the Freight Transport Association (FTA) for greater information on trading deals post-Brexit has been given a boost this week by the publication of a report from the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee on Brexit. The report highlights the need for freight and logistics operators to be fully informed about future trading and customs procedures, so that transport contracts can be fulfilled and Britain can continue to be an effective trader internationally.

In addition, the Committee has urged the government to make substantial investment in the procedures and personnel required to keep the UK’s borders functioning upon its formal exit from the European Union on March 29 2019 – doing so would keep trade flowing and ensure the fulfilment of transport contracts in the haulage industry.FTA Urges Forward PlanningIn response to the report, Chris Yarsley, Policy Manager at FTA, stated that, “The Select Committee’s report reinforces what FTA has been saying for months, that freight and logistics operators need clarity on future customs arrangements in order to plan efficiently for a post-Brexit world…

To leave everything to the last minute could bring the nation’s businesses to a standstill”.Yarsley added, “The new trading arrangements with Europe and beyond will need careful planning, with a fully trained, fully staffed workforce which can handle the millions of additional declarations that will be required at the border. FTA is heartened that the Select Committee has recognised this need, and is urging the government to take this recommendation on board as a priority, to ensure that trade does not grind to a halt on Brexit day”.

Concerns Over ContractsThe potential for unmet transport contracts by British companies was emphasised in the report as well, with the cancellation of a planning application for a new lorry park in Stanford West on the M20 in Kent being cited as particularly worrying. The park – with a planned capacity of 3,600 lorries – was intended to negate any need to implement Operation Stack when a section of the M20 is closed during periods of cross-Channel disruption. Instead, Highways England is now drafting new plans.

The committee made clear that a failure on the part of government to act decisively could lead to the industry “facing Operation Stack on steroids”.Yarsley endorsed the committee’s concerns about transport; contracts are, according to him, at risk of falling through if the Stanford West project were permanently shelved: “Our members are very concerned about a lack of adequate, safe and secure parking for drivers awaiting movement through the ports, as well as the impact on the road network and residents in Kent…

we would urge government to reconsider its decision on Stanford West as a matter of urgency, to prevent gridlock across the road network”.Highways England has now been asked by the government to draft new plans, with an interim solution expected to be in place by March 2019, the same month in which the UK is due to formally leave the European Union. As Brexit negotiations continue to make uncertain progress, professionals throughout the haulage industry are hoping for a business-friendly outcome.

led ceiling lights  Norman Dulwich is a Correspondent for Haulage Exchange, the leading online trade network for the road transport industry. Connecting logistics professionals across the UK and Europe through their website, Haulage Exchange provides services for matching drivers with transport contracts. Over 4,800 transport exchange businesses are networked together through their website, trading jobs and capacity in a safe ‘wholesale’ environment.

Colorful chandelier lightsTraditional

home decorate spot lights Sometimes it’s just too tough to go in for a completely new interior decor or a home makeover project. You just don’t have the time or resources to rehaul the entire look of your home. But you do want some change because your home really seems to need at least a pop of color. So what do you do? Well, the answer is simple – just give your home that well-deserved pop of interior decor colors! Here are some tips to get it done.Color me red with a bright entertainment consoleSleek and classy entertainment consoles are a great option to package all the pieces of your entertainment equipment and showcase your best memories. So instead of going in for the usual wooden tone, how about choosing a bright spot of color?

This will make your console the center of attraction of your room.Just a wallA popular option nowadays, painting just one wall with a super bright shade gives your home a completely new look and feel. Just remember to playdown on any other clashing colors or heavy decor items in the room.Bright-colored furnitureYou can change the color temperature of your room with some bright, themed furniture.

This idea completely changes the decor profile of your room and brightens up the interior decor colors.Matching the environmentThose blessed with a great natural view – of the greenery or the deep blue sea – can use nature’s cue as an example to plan the color theme of their home. Use brilliant blue-themed accessories that match the view of the sea outside with subtle walls, flooring, and ceiling to not overpower the effect of the color.

A riot of colorsUse just a single point of color focus by using an eye-popping color combination on just one chair in the room. This completely contrasts with the rest of the quieter theme but also merges well with it.Bright cushionsMost of the time, all it takes are some bright colored cushions to break the monotony. Experiment with colors, textures, prints, and shapes to change the decor statement of your room.Curtains galoreThe next best option is to go bold with the curtains – give them some flamboyant personality to give your room a breezy personality.

Bright sheets for the bedroomSome of the bedroom’s best decor friends are the bedspreads and bedsheets. Go in for bright and sparkly sheets, spreads, duvets, headboards, pillows, or cushions to change the entire decor theme of your room.Bright repurposed antiquesGo thrift shopping and find small unique pieces of furniture for your room corners. Paint them bright and give these pieces a new life and your room a new persona!

led ceiling lights Colorful chandelier lightsTraditional, antique glass and ceramic lights brighten up your homes and give it a mystique look. Remember to place it in a central place of focus where it will be easily noticed though!So, now you know the secret! You too can be a smart interior designer and focus on one room at a time to brighten it up with just a pop of interior decor colors. But if you need more than just a tweak, I know that you require more support.